Just imagine… instead of Family Court dramas … instead of kids caught in the middle of angry, hurting, anxious, scornful parents who used to love each other … there was still a way to work things out to suit the children … to keep their lives intact … to help them grow even while their parents were no longer together…

Or even to help parents who never lived together, who produced a child by mistake, who now have the chance of a lifetime to get things right as parents…

And what about the grandparents? or other extended  family?

Let’s talk about it.

The legal principles are mostly common sense although they may still come as a surprise. (Check your assumptions.)

Practical tools can help – information about child development, parenting plans that suit different age groups, communication tools.  Plus document drafting, letter writing, negotiation, whatever works.

Some government funding available for legal advice and – if appropriate – mediation (income test applies).  Also for help with court documents.

Legal aid (financial test applies) may be available for court proceedings if needed.

Full legal representation available for court proceedings, where permitted by law. Alternatively, limited-scope representation / unbundled services (you choose which work Cheryl does and you do the rest yourself).

Phone/text Cheryl Simes on 021 701 838 or 03 312 1508.  Face-to-face advice available in North Canterbury, elsewhere by phone, email or Skype/Messenger.

(Webpage will be developed properly in due course.)

* ‘Kiwilaw’ is the trading name of Kiwlaw Mediation and Advocacy Ltd. Now based in Oxford (Canterbury), Cheryl Simes LLB (Hons) MA (Hons) is Kiwilaw’s sole director, shareholder and lawyer.