You may need ‘letters of administration’ to be able to access funds or transfer property owned by someone who has died ‘wholly intestate’ – without leaving a valid will.

We are developing more streamlined systems for ‘interviewing’ clients and preparing the relevant documentation to apply to the High Court for a grant of letters of administration.  In most cases, this is NOT time consuming and should not cost significant legal fees.

Please use the form below to check with us whether your intended application for letters of administration will come within our standard $460 fee (incl GST). We will confirm what additional work, if any, is likely to be needed, once we know a bit more about your family situation.

EARLY WARNING: The following additional work (outside our $460 fee) will definitely be needed if you have not already done it:

  • search for a will – see our explanatory video here
  • make a will enquiry through the law society – see more information here
  • (if deceased is male) request a paternity search (from Births, Deaths and Marriages) – see more information here
  • (if deceased has a surviving spouse/partner) receive legal advice and make a choice of option between your rights under inheritance law  (intestacy) and your rights under relationship-property law – if the deceased’s estate (not counting ‘personal chattels’)  is worth less than $155,000 and/or the deceased had no children, we charge only an additional $115 (incl GST) for this advice and certification – see our explanatory video here
  • (if deceased had more than one child and no surviving spouse or partner) seek the consent of the other children, to the application being made by one child – normally you can do this informally yourself and then confirm it with the documents we provide – we charge $115 total (incl GST) for all the notices/consents which you then send out and (hopefully) get signed and returned direct to you

Submitting this form is without obligation.